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Flax insulation

ECO materials



Vapor permeability

It does not collect condensate, passes steam and secures efficient moisture release from the structure. It maintains a comfortable indoor microclimate.


Reduces the weight and structural pressure on the entire building.

Easy installation

Due to its elasticity and dimension, the material can be easily installed in the construction with and without additional fastening. Does not even require special protection (clothing, mask, gloves).


Significantly reduces the noise level, due to the high sound absorption coefficient.

3D effect

Volumetric plates of a heater tightly adjoin to elements of a design and among themselves in all 3 directions: width, length, and thickness, keeping heat safely within walls.

Environmental Safety

Absolutely environmentally friendly. Made out of Flax. Does not contain artificial constituents, does not release toxic substances. Safe for health, fulfills even the highest hygiene requirements and standards.


More than 70 years of guaranteed quality. It retains its characteristics and durability in the entire structure. It does not crumble nor it is susceptible to damage and decay by fungus, mold or pest.

Fire safety

Refers to materials within the grope E (according to EN 13501-1;2009), thermal insulation Provides reliable thermal protection due to a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Has increased resistance to temperature changes.



For reliable jointing, it is recommended that the width of the plates exceeds the distance between joints/beams by 10-20 mm. In that case the material will completely fill the space and will be securely fixed in the structure without additional fasteners. Also, the formation of cracks, gaps and deterioration of heat and sound insulation in the joints will be completely disabled. Ensure that the thermal insulation layer is not interrupted. Ensure that the thermal insulation layer is not interrupted in the area adjacent to the wall.


Plates are easily cut, they do not break and do not crumble, thanks to the elastic fibrous structure. Therefore, the plate retains clear edges and a stable shape. For cutting, it is convenient to use special knives for insulation (with wary grinding), especially double-edged knives. Circular saw, hand hacksaws with small teeth, or a large garden knife are also convenient tools. A 50 mm thick insulation in easily cut with large tailoring scissors.

Eco-friendly heat and sound insulation boards are extremely simple and pleasant to work with. The slabs are light and comfortable in size, so they can easily be transported even by one person.

Strong natural flax fibers and stable adhesive ensure not only the elasticity of slabs but reliable retaining of their shape. The plates do not require fixing. They should be installed between the rails (rafters, beams, lags). Elastic slabs will be securely fixed in the structure. For easy installation in inclined surfaces or for better fixing, use an additional crate. This will also provide an air gap for better weathering of the condensate with an increased moisture concertation in the structure and as a result, greater heat retention, in this case, the plates should be laid back to each other. Thus, the fibers are intertwined at the junction points and without and joints they take the desired position and provide reliable heat and sound insulation. When making holes, for example, in «dry» walls, it is necessary to prevent the slow drilling straight into the slab. It is recommended to use a high speed drills, to prevent any damage on the fibers.


Length From 650 mm to 1250 mm (base 1000mm)
Width From 500 mm to 700 mm (base 625mm)
Thickness From 40 mm to 160 mm (base 50 mm)
Number of plates per package 8 pc (base 50 mm thickness)
Dimensions of package 0,25 (base 50 mm thickness)



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